<aside> <img src="https://indify.co/logo.svg" alt="https://indify.co/logo.svg" width="40px" /> Website: https://indify.co/


What is Indify?

Hello, 你好, dzień dobry, kumusta 👋

How to use?


  1. Click Login
  2. You can sign in with google too
  3. Alternative: fill your email and it will send a magic link to your inbox to login!


Click the widget to customize it.

<aside> 💡 Tips: New feature: create button to your Notion!



  1. Name your widget name
  2. Destination URL
  3. Button icon + name
  4. Customize your color of button: background, outline, and text
  5. If you want add more button horizontally, click Add button to add